Dry vs Wet Carpet Cleaning– Which Is Best?

Keeping carpets clean with routine cleaning by expert carpet cleaning services is essential to the life of the carpet. Clean carpets likewise help in reducing mold, mildew, and allergens in a house. There are two ways that carpet cleaners can clean a carpet – dry or damp. Understanding which procedure to select depends on the carpet, the dirt, and a variety of other information.

What Is Wet Carpet Cleaning?

Using a steaming machine, steam is used to the carpet so the vapor permeates into the pile and gets down into the fibers to reach dirt deep within the carpet. Steam cleaning offers a deep carpet cleaning and can get rid of over 95 percent of the soil within the carpet down to the backing.

What Is Dry Carpet Cleaning?

expert carpet cleaningDry carpet cleaning, also known as chemical cleaning or dry shampooing, is an approach used by carpet cleaning services where a chemical service is sprayed on the carpet, then vacuumed up afterward. The disadvantage with dry cleaning is these solutions only clean the top surface of the carpet. Dry cleaning does not get down into the pile, so any dirt that is deeper in the carpet will not be impacted.

When to Utilize the Various Techniques

Dirt damages carpet fibers with time, so getting it out as completely as possible is very important to the life of the carpet. Steam cleaning can be beneficial for deep stains, since cleaning deep into the carpet is necessary to eliminate these discolorations. Dry cleaning is most helpful for spot cleaning surface stains and offering a light cleaning more often.

It deserves keeping in mind that homeowners who are concerned about chemicals being used on their carpets may wish to avoid chemical cleaning, as this method clearly includes making use of chemicals and carpet cleaning agents. Steam cleaning might also include the use of chemicals that are sprayed onto the carpets and worked in with the hot steam, there are green choices offered that prevent putting harsh chemicals into the carpet. There is also the alternative to steam clean without services, although getting a great deal of ground-in dirt from the carpet typically requires some type of cleaner. Expert carpet cleaning services is the very best way to keep carpets devoid of irritants, which helps to decrease the irritant level in the entire house.

When used properly, both wet and dry carpet cleaning can be used to help keep carpets clean. A professional carpet cleaning service will know how to best clean the numerous soil levels and carpet types, utilizing both damp and dry methods!

Keeping Your Carpet Clean this Winter Season

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