Answers to your most frequently asked questions

Q: Will cleaning my carpet affect the warranty on my carpet?
A: No, in fact most carpet manufacturers and retailers recommend professional cleaning with hot water extraction and recognize the advanced technology employed by the DriMaster Rotary Extractor.

Q: How often should I have my carpets cleaned?
A: You carpet is a major investment and will last much longer with proper care. Generally experts recommend
homeowners have their carpets cleaed at least once a year. Many homowners choose to protect the investment their
carpets represent by cleaning every other season. Children, pets, and environmental conditions can als affect the
frequency of needed cleaning.

Q: I’m concerned about health. Is this type of cleaning as safe as other methods?
A: Cascade Cleaning Services is concerned about health and safety, too. Those concerns are another good reason we
use the DriMaster Method. This highly effective power cleaning uses less cleaning solution, and extracts and
recovers more water than other methods. Bacteria and mold can grow in carpets that are left wet for long periods. By
using DriMaster cleaning, your carpet will be fresh and dry long before that can happen.

Q- How often should I have a professional restoration on my carpets?
A- Every home is not the same. If you have 4 kids 2 dogs there will be a lot more foot traffic then only 2 adults. More foot traffic will probably require more frequent restorations. The CRI ( Carpet & Rug Institute ) recommends the following to prevent voiding your warranty.
Homes 9-12 months
Offices 3-4 months
Restaurants 3-4 weeks

Q- How often should I vacuum my carpets?
A- Keeping dry soil particles out out of your carpet will prevent it from scratching the yarns waring out the carpet and the protection. So vacuum 2-3 times a week. High traffic areas my require it more often.

Q- Should I Scotchgard my carpet?
A- Yes Scotchgard protector will repel soils & stains allowing you time to clean up. Having it applied after a restoration is highly recommended.

Q- How long will the carpet take to dry after the restoration?
A- Carpet that is properly maintained will take about 6-8 hours ( Ask about our speed dry service )

Q- What is steam cleaning “Hot water extraction”?
A- It is a deep restorative cleaning by extracting or removing entrapped soil & residues.

Q- What is dry cleaning?
A- It is a interim cleaning used between regular restorative cleaning. This is characterized as a light surface cleaning, your home center carries these products spray on let dry and vacuum.

Q- What method of cleaning do carpet mills recommend?
A- Steam cleaning “Hot water extraction“

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