Pet Odor Removal

Pets are a part of our family and we love them as such. But there are occasions when they make you feel embarrassed and frustrated, just like an unruly kid. One of these times is when it defecates or urinates on your precious carpet. The whole feces removal or urine soaking exercise is embarrassing enough but the tougher part is still
remaining. Even when you have got rid of the stain, pet odor still sticks and lingers on and you need pet odor removal system to get rid of this strong repellent stench coming from your carpets and ruining the whole room.

Even if your pets do not excrete or take a dump on your carpet, they are still going to cause pet odor in your home. This is because they bring a lot of dirt with their paws and lots of germs are accumulated under your carpets. This causes them to stink and if you do not do something for pet odor removal then your home is bound to stench and is repellent for any guests. This is why you essentially need pet odor removal if you own pets and carpets or rugs at the same time.

The urine is absorbed into the layer underneath the carpet called the carpet pad. It creates a warm breeding ground for bacteria. While you might have cleaned the “mess” on the carpet, the urine has already saturated the carpet pad and will remain there until professionally treated. This is why, even if there are no visible stains, the urine odor remains. Additionally, home owners become immune to the pungent smell of urine so they don’t notice it that much but don’t be fooled… your guests -will- notice.

The strength of the smell varies depending on the level of moisture in the air. Despite Fido not having gone to the bathroom indoors since last winter, if there is urine in your pads, you will definitely notice it when the weather becomes more humid. Warmer temperatures and increased humidity reactivate the bacter that feed on urine. Ammonia gases, which cause the familiar nauseating odor, are also released into the air.

Urine and pet dander are both examples of air contaminants that can affect your health. Overlooked symptoms of indoor air contamination include stuffy nose, nasal drip, coughing and sneezing, fatigue, headaches, allergies, sinus infections and difficulty sleeping.

There are certain things that you can do for pet odor removal. One is to vacuum your carpets and upholstery every day to minimize the germ accumulation under them which makes them stink. The next is to apply pet odor removal powder on them, which suppresses the odor or enzyme treatment which eradicates it to quite a great extent. But along with all these things you will also need to get your carpet steamed and cleaned by professionals in order for them to be completely free of any pet odors and this should be done at least twice a year to make sure that your home smells fresh and not like a poop house.

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