What You Should Do Before The Carpet Cleaners Arrive?

Having your carpets cleaning by a professional carpet cleaning business like Carpet Cleaner Pros is a fantastic way to get rid of dirt and allergens that vacuuming alone can not get rid of. Working with Carpet Cleaner Pros is a beneficial financial investment that will make your house a more comfy place to live while extending the life of your carpet. Maximize this financial investment by doing a few things before the carpet cleaners get here.
Doing this assists the carpet cleaners do a better job due to the fact that they just have to get rid of the dirt that your vacuum cleaner leaves behind, resulting in cleaner carpets. Some carpet cleaning companies will vacuum your carpets for an additional charge.
The next thing you need to do before they show up is to make a list of stains that are in your carpet. This will guarantee that the carpet cleaners pre-treat all of these spots before cleaning the carpets. Stains that are pre-treated are a lot more likely to be eliminated when the carpets are cleaned than discolorations that are not pre-treated.
The last thing you must do is to schedule Carpet Cleaner Pros for a time when you can be there. Some individuals will simply leave the door open for them since they do not want to exist or get in their way. It is essential for you to be there so you can answer any concerns the carpet cleaners might have.
Take advantage of your financial investment by following these recommendations the next time you get your carpets cleaned up. Keep in mind to vacuum completely prior to they show up, make a list of discolorations that have to be pre-treated, and be at house when they show up. Doing so will lead to cleaner carpets.

Why Realty Agents Use Us for Carpet Cleaning!

Have you ever had a home that was a fantastic listing, however hard to show since the carpets were a mess? Do the dark lines around the room or the edge, damages where old furniture used to sit, discolorations, or pet odors sound familiar? The way the carpets look can be an immediate turn off and suggest that a house hasn’t been appropriately kept to a prospective purchaser … and all of us know in Real Estate, you never ever get a 2nd possibility to make an impression!
Why Realtors Prefer US over anybody else:
The Real Estate Agents that we work with prefer our special procedure eliminates the carpets from resoiling, which takes place with normal steam cleaners. When a steam cleaner or truckmount carpet cleaner deals with the carpets, they can take up to 48 hours to dry and easily resoil as the house is being shown. Our procedure ensures that your carpets are dry within 1-2 hours after we leave.
How does the Unique Prices for Real Estate Agents Work?
We supply 2 various choices, you can picked the one that works finest for you! We can charge a discounted rate based upon either the sq feet, or number of spaces that need to be cleaned up. Please call for more details.
Do I Have to Meet You at The House?
If you want to, just! Otherwise, we are more than pleased to utilize the lockbox code offered and accept credit cards over the phone or through our payment system after the task is complete.
We are SUPER practical for our Real Estate Agents to use
The Representatives that we work with LOVE how convenient it is to setup a visit online which we can accept payments over the phone or online. We know how hectic life can get, and wish to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible! Call today to schedule your carpet cleaning service – Check our service area to find a professional near you.

The Top 5 Scariest Things Living in Your Carpet!

Here’s something to think about: every day, you stroll on your carpet, your pets play on it and your kids crawl on it. Just how safe do you believe that is? Just in time for Halloween– or, just after Halloween– we have actually made a list of the 5 scariest things concealing in your carpet that a vacuum just cannot eliminate.
# 5– Irritants
If you resemble over half of the population in the United States, you experience allergic reactions– and if you do not, chances are that somebody in your family does. Couple of individuals understand that carpet practically functions as an allergen storage unit, permitting them to be active in your house all year round and make you continuously unpleasant.

# 4– Chemicals
You cannot even envision how many hazardous substances are lodged in your carpet fibers– and it does not just happen with time. New carpets typically house formaldehyde, toluene, styrene, acetone and benzene, some of which are even thought about to cause cancer by the EPA. Even the new carpet odor that everyone loves is brought on by 4-PC, a chemical that is known to trigger eye and respiratory issues.
# 3– Mold
Although steam cleaning can possibly help your carpet in some ways, mold prevention is not one of them. During the steam cleaning process, gallons of water are dumped on to your carpet, pressing dirt and grime deep down into your padding and developing a breeding place for mold and bacteria underneath your carpet.
# 2– Bacteria
The bottom of your shoes carry more germs than a toilet seat if you can believe it. Do you wear your shoes when you’re walking on your carpet? If so, you’re tracking millions of kinds of germs, harmful or not, onto your carpet, not to mention exactly what your kids and family pets bring into your home on a daily basis. Yikes.
# 1 – Dust Mites
Just look at that thing. There’s no wonder this tops our list of the scariest things living in your carpet. These things are exactly what scientists call cosmopolitan pyroglyphidae, and they live in your carpet and endure on flakes of your skin.
Although those are pretty scary things to have living in your home, there’s no reason to fret. Carpet Cleaner Pros utilizes an all-natural process that is safe for your house and that decreases the threat of mold and bacteria, in addition to the fastest dry times on the market. Give us a call and let us help you get rid of what’s been hiding in your carpet.

Why You Should Purchase Environment-friendly Carpet Cleaning

You should invest in an eco-friendly carpet cleaning treatment because experts have stated that “going green” is an essential factor when it comes to cleaning. Environmentally friendly carpet cleaning treatments are important since it can supply health benefits for your household and animals. For the planet, environmentally friendly cleaning can decrease our carbon footprint on the planet.
Oriental rugs or location carpets can act like an air filter, which will gather dust and dirt particles in their fibers. In order to do so the safest method, eco-friendly cleaning is the way to go since it gets rid of any type of severe chemicals in your house and around your household. Carpets and carpets play an essential function in impacting indoor air quality.

Not only do we take environmentally friendly measures when cleaning your carpets and carpets, but we likewise take actions afterwards to continue to assist the planet. We will never dispose any kind of eco-friendly solution down the storm sewer after we leave your house. We utilize correct disposal methods after cleaning oriental carpets and area carpets in our facility.
Quick Tips for Eco-Friendly Cleaning in the house:

Vacuum at least once a week.
Have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year by a certified expert.
Wipe your shoes prior to entering your house with an outdoor mat, getting rid of as much as 83% of soil.
In order to avoid any possibility of mold, get water leakages repaired when broken.

Get your carpets cleaning yearly by professional residential carpet cleaners. If you’re ready to schedule your carpet cleaning project find a location near you.


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