Tips For Emergency Carpet Spill Cleanup

When we see our beverage fall to the floor on our stunning carpet, we all know the dreadful feeling. Or when we are painting a ceiling, and we see that paint drip to the floor, right where our tarp is not covering the carpet.

There’s no other way to stop the drops, and the flash it requires to fall looks like an eternity.

akron carpet cleaningHere’s a secret pointer for on-site emergency situations: sop it up with tons of water. That’s right, simply plain old water.

If you do it rapidly, prior to the stain sets in, water will water down even hard paint spills, and you’ll be able to recuperate quickly.

Put a little cup of water right on that stain. Soak up the water after a few seconds with paper towel. Do not rub the stain, you do not want it to set into the carpet.

A professional muralist who paints constantly in high-end homes, utilizes this technique. It has actually even recovered a gallon of paint (thankfully not full) that spilled in a house.

If you cannot leap into emergency situation clean-up mode right away, the liquid has a chance to soak into the fibers of the carpet, and you’ll need help. If you don’t desire to take the time yourself, or can’t physically deal with the stain call Akron’s best carpet cleaning service – Carpet Cleaner Pros. We handle all types of carpet stains and in most cases can get your carpet looking great again.

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